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Every Day to Us Is Easter

This morning as I was waking up, the words and melody of a hymn we used in worship this Easter Sunday morning were running through my mind. “Easter people, raise your voices, sounds of heaven in earth should ring.  Christ has brought us heaven’s choices, heavenly music, let it ring. Alleluia! Alleluia! Easter people, let us sing.!”

Living here in this part of the south where we have a full four seasons throughout the year we are often consumed with a particular season.  We just came through an unusually cold winter, one with some crazy weather, a winter which has been talked about not only in our immediate group of friends and acquaintances but even in the national news media.  We are all thankful that we have come through that winter and are grateful for the beginning of spring.  Soon, summer will be here and we will all be traveling on vacations to the beach or the mountains.

The seasons are very important to us. We also have seasons for the church year, although, regrettably, these seasons go barely noticed and hardly discussed or talked about.  This past Sunday we eagerly worshiped our risen Christ, our Savior and Lord Jesus.  Sunday marked the first day of the season known as Eastertide.  Eastertide began with Easter Sunday and will run to the beginning of Pentecost on June 8 this year. The hymn I quoted above was written by Methodist pastor William M. James.  Rev. James was pastor of Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church in Harlem where he served for 33 years.  In the final stanza of the hymn he writes “Every day to us is Easter, with its resurrection song. When in trouble move the faster to our God who rights the wrong. Alleluia! Alleluia! See the power of heavenly throngs.”

In these lines we are reminded that Easter is not something we celebrate one Sunday out of the year but on every day in the life of a believer. As we go about soaking in the beauty of the season of spring, as we begin thinking about keeping cool during the heat of summer, I hope that we all will keep in mind also the season of Eastertide.  I hope that we would all live our lives each day in celebration of the Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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Lent, Lint & Lindt®

I was reading a blog on a diet and exercise website this morning and the writer was trying to decide on a way to get her diet under control. She thought a good approach might be to give up alcohol for Lent but then decided that she liked beer too much and might need one following an upcoming 5K run. That set the wheels spinning in my head thinking about some of the things people give up for Lent.

My wife’s boss once said that he was going to give up cussing for lent. “You can’t do that” she said. “The hell I can’t!” he rebuffed. Quite often people give up things they don’t want or like. A youngster might say “I’m giving up broccoli for Lent.” Easy to do when the child doesn’t eat broccoli anyway.

Of course, the way my head works, being a bit of a wordsmith, I started playing with the words. I was going to respond to the blog with this line of thought: “I think I’m going to give up lint for lent… you know that fuzzy stuff that collects on your wool jacket or in your belly button….hmmm or maybe I should give up Lindt® for Lent…. you know that luscious dark chocolate covered caramel that causes fat to collect on your waistline. I just don’t know, it’s a tough decision.”

But really, why do we give things up for Lent? What’s that all about? Traditionally, many Christians give up things for Lent as a way of honoring Christ’s voluntary self-deprivation during His forty days in the wilderness. Our self –deprivation has a theological basis in that when we think of that which we have given up it helps us to focus on Christ and His sacrifice. And, while our sacrifice pales in comparison to His, it still serves as a reminder to us of God’s love through the sacrifice of His Son.

I don’t know what I will be giving up for Lent this year. It is not required in my worship tradition but I still like the practice and will participate. I might not even be successful for the full forty days but I will make an attempt. All I know is that the benefit to me will certainly outweigh the small sacrifice I will be making, a benefit to me both for my physical health as well as my spiritual health.

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